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November 26, 2013
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Motherland Chronicles #42 - Tabitha by zemotion Motherland Chronicles #42 - Tabitha by zemotion
For the Motherland Chronicles project :iconmotherlandchronicles: (Follow us on Facebook and Tumblr!)

Photography/makeup: Zhang Jingna zemotion
Hair: Junya Nakashima
Tabitha Constance
Photo Assistants: Alyssa Yee, Shirley Yu
Necklaces: JuleeMClark

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© Zhang Jingna
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This is sublime.
Your make up work draws attention to her sad eyes without making her face seem irrelevant.
For her facial structure and beauty the hair is perfect. A very Grecian look that is only accentuated by her necklace. Elegant but surprisingly simple.
I love your choice in background and lighting. This way she is the only focus and the paleness of the light mixed with her skin adds to a sense of mourning.
The pink of her ear does stand out. If it was intentional it gives her a sense of still being a feeling human being.
If not then I can't understand how it could have been overlooked since your attention to detail in everything else was immaculate.
Her posture is very neutral. This makes sense since it keeps her skin smooth and free of harsh lines from tendons.
I applaud your use of the "pasties." This picture is not about sex and the very idea of her not having nipples gives the sense that she is not a mother.
Very well done. You have vision even though profiles shots are nothing new. It is your technique that I find refreshing and is why I wrote this critique.
Keep up the good work.
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UltraEs-Pii Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Where's her nipple?
hanasumamonaku Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014
it looks darn creepy without nipples.
trace3 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014
i would like some asian models too? sort of as a way of saying, "we can idealize asians too,"  or "asians can be otherworldly too"  ?
trace3 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014
i saw your self portraits = ). so maybe i would specify, more asians? 
Alita19 Featured By Owner May 14, 2014

many people are drawn to the missing nipples and it really is not that unnatural, humans natural can detect other human faces and human features. Its something that  was evolutionary useful. That’s the reason why clowns scare many children a warped human face is an indication that something is wrong or unnatural  or potential dangerous….

I also think the censored  nipples is BS, breast are not ‘sex organs’ and neither are nipples they are baby feeders and have the same function as male breast aside from that. All  Censoring does is  the impression that there is something perverse or wrong about a body (usual a women’s) .The female body is beautiful and should be treated with more respect. if its that a big of a deal you should just crop the picture. That being said I know there are plenty of perverts on the internet but the breast are still there …… so -.-//

Alita19 Featured By Owner May 14, 2014
to bad i can't "deleate" comments
after i though about it the nipples are probably missing because of DA retarded censort rules,
this way zemotion can show the pictures  to everyone instead of having it for "adults only" or what ever
AceOfStCanardKLy Featured By Owner May 4, 2014   Artist
Nippless, nice!
cellosaremetal Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014  Professional General Artist
this is my favorite of the series---really gorgeous!
blu7earth Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014
I can't understand for the life of me why an artist would deface his or her own work and intentionally disfigure a woman….  Creativity is about the freedom of expression and your work is neither offensive or pornographic.  It's like giving into the 'moral police' that prosecute women for breast feeding their babies in public!  My second graders came across nudes when researching the Renaissance and it really wasn't that big a deal because they've probably already seen either their parents or siblings naked.  And yes, I explained that the artists were mainly concerned about things like composition, form, light and artistic expression.  Of course, you have the right to do what you want with your work.  I guess Barbie (the doll) would be proud, I personally think it's a real shame to mar such a beautiful work! 
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